San Diego Weather - Average Annual Temperature

Environment - Average Annual Temperature (from NOAA)
John S. Stokes III


San Diego average temperature by year in Fahrenheit: 1852 through 2016
Information obtained from various sources including the National Weather Service

This chart is updated each year in early January


The overall presentation shows increasing temperatures. 2014 came in at a new record in San Diego's recorded history: 67.54 versus 1984's 67.24. 2015 nearly matched the 2014 figure.

Is the big increase in 2014 a harbinger of more big increases in the near future? Looking at a chart of annual changes one can see that big increases are frequently followed by big decreases although the overall trend is up. 2014 had the second biggest jump in the recorded history. The first, third and fourth biggest jumps were followed by declines. No big decrease occurred in 2015, a moderate one occurred in 2016. Taken together 2014-2016 has been the warmest in San Diego history with the warmest, 2nd warmest and 6th warmest years recorded.

San Diego Annual Change in Average Temperature
1853 change through 2016