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The SunRing Solstice Observatory - Winter Solstice 2024

June 4, 2024

The SunRing Circular Sun Shadow Casters created for the successful winter 2023 solstice disintegrated after the winter rains. By early June 2024 I was busy creating the inaugural set of Triangular Sun Shadow Casters for the summer solstice and I also made a replacement set for the 2024 Winter Solstice, still more than a half year away.

The remains of the Shadow Casters used for Winter Solstice 2023
The thick plywood delaminated into many thin layers and eventually broke apart

Cutting the largest of the Winter Solstice Circular Sun Shadow Casters.

The new shadow casters were installed on the supports used for the 2023 winter solstice.
Quite a few layers of indoor-outdoor gold spray paint was applied to the circles to make them (hopefully) waterproof

Another view of the shadow casters.
As the winter solstice approaches the circles will have to be more precisely aligned

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