Puzzle 23 - Green Dragon

By Custom Puzzle Craft

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Puzzle #23 - Green Dragon
Copyright 2000, K. Chin Gallery
There is far more detail in the "flames" than is visible in this graphic.
For two more dragons in the K. Chin Dragon Trilogy, see Dragons

This beautiful puzzle's picture was painted by the late K. Chin. I have obtained some prints from his son, and have the exclusive rights to this image for puzzle making.

For other K. Chin prints see: K. Chin - Prints

Puzzle #20 was my first attempt at cutting the "Green Dragon". That puzzle came out well, but had a number of problems, include some serious errors (in my opinion! other say I'm too much of a perfectionist) in the line cutting, plus several technical problems, keeping it from market.

Significant milestones for the Green Dragon puzzle


Some Claws

As it happened (from my Journal archives)

May 13, 2000

Evening - I started cutting a new Green Dragon puzzle in an attempt to create one with enough quality for eBay. I've been reminded how difficult a puzzle this puzzle to make. I'm a little over half though and I put at least six hours into cutting it. I had a visitor while cutting the puzzle and he was stunned than anyone could have the patience to cut this kind of puzzle. My pace has been the slowest so far for any puzzle, as high quality color line cutting takes a lot of time and concentration. The quality of this puzzle is a lot better than the first Green Dragon puzzle, and should I complete the puzzle without a major mistake, it will be placed for sale on eBay. Regarding pricing, although I had revised my pricing policy, an exception will have to be made for puzzles with a lot of color line cutting. I can't see how I'd charge less than $300 for a commission to cut this puzzle. However, when I place this puzzle for sale on eBay I'll start it off at $1 as I want to see how the market will price a puzzle like this.

Most of the edges are of the Indirect Interlocking Edges type, although there is some direct interlock to provide a secure border in areas where the color line cutting approaches the edge.

May 14, 2000

The Green Dragon puzzle is finished. The puzzle came out well, particularly the color line cutting is much better than the first Green Dragon puzzle. There are 269 pieces, The puzzle will be placed for sale on eBay with a starting bid of one dollar. I will have a pre-auction information page set up, probably tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. This is a beautiful and difficult puzzle.

I decided to have a separate page about "Boxes".

Green Dragon
K. Chin
Date Made
May 14, 2000
10 5/32" wide by 13 3/16" high
Cutting Style
Long Round
# Pieces
Color Line Cutting
Three stars
Treat Piece
The Unicorn

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