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Custom Puzzle Craft
Maker of Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
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Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzle - Custom Providers
Great photographs and digital art from around the world. We have given careful attention to each image's suitability on detail, color, artistic value and subject matter.
Jigsaw Puzzle Factory
1000 piece puzzles (New Zealand)

Joslin Photo Puzzle Co.
Email photos made into photo jigsaw puzzles - heart, round, rectangular shapes (also known has; photo 2 puzzles, etc.)
Phuzzles Inc. Positively Puzzled
Photo Jigsaw Puzzles
Snapshot Puzzles, Inc.

Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzle - Machinery
Puzzle Machine

Jigsaw Puzzle - Accessories
Assembly boards, transport folders, frames, boxes, storage
"The World's best known range of jigsaw puzzle accessories."

Major Puzzle Sellers [mostly cardboard]
All Jigsaw Puzzles UK
The UK's Leading Online Jigsaw Puzzles Store.
Pretty jigsaw puzzles from Japan
The Puzzle House
A great selection of over 600 jigsaw puzzles.
The Puzzlemania . Com
Large selection
Puzzle Master
Large collection brain teasers & puzzles; mechanical banks, books.
Simple Pastimes
Jigsaw puzzles and games

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